Chase The Sun Drop Results

December is all about thinking musically and remixing visually.

On December 1st, the long-awaited new playground for artists and collectors premiered on Objkt with Planet Funk’s “Chase The Sun” taking on a new wave of experimentation as the visual artists, also known as Remixers within the Demotapers ecosystem remixed the iconic track visually.

As part of this memorable launch, Demotapers and Objkt also extended the event, by inviting the community to take part in the  “Demotapers x Objkt Music Week”, a Tezos, Art and Music-driven event from December 1st to December 8th, which featured a dedicated curated homepage showcasing works from the Demotapers Genesis drop (Dec 1st & 2nd) followed by dedicated curatorial activity via the @objktcom and @demotapers official Twitter pages.

“Demotapers is redefining the interaction between music and visual art. Featuring an incredible lineup of artists and a super iconic track, we are proud to team up with Etan and the team to host the Genesis Drop on Objkt.

With the Objkt Music Week event, we hope to highlight and shine a spotlight on the wonderful and growing music NFT scene on Tezos.”

— Brian Mc Alister Co-Founder of

The genesis drop saw Haydiroket, Chepertom, Davidvnun, Gammatrace, Ex Mortal, Monsuta, Daria Rastunina, Jay Visuual, Kaoru Tanaka, Danctrl, Ygor Alves, Somfay, Michael Hughes and Ni Petrov as featured remixers, with the following results:

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