Introducing ‘Chase The Sun’ by Planetfunk – Visual Remixers

On December 1st, 2022, Demotapers will present its very first drop which will see Planet Funk’s iconic “Chase The Sun” track take on new shapes and forms as visual artists take the stage to remix the track visually — Artworks, that will be available for collectors to purchase within our dedicated marketplace.

When we talk about music today, it’s important to acknowledge it in a different way. In contrast to the past when music could only be listened to, today we must consider that the way we absorb music has completely changed: as a result of multimedia and social networks, we have become accustomed to associating music with images. In Demotapers, visual art is paired with music with the aim of creating an authentic artistic community in which visual artists, musicians, and enthusiasts can come together and connect within a whole new web3-driven ecosystem. To see such an iconic track, “Chase The Sun”, now represented within visual remixes, feels like a rebirth, as if the song from the past is being given a new life

Alex Neri (Planet Funk Co-Founder)

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce the remixers: Haydiroket is an Istanbul-based artist and curator who has been making GIFs since the early days of Tumblr in 2008. Chepertom is a French glitch artist whose aesthetic and images reveal those mechanisms that mimic reality, often invisible to the naked eye. Davidvnun is a computer animator and digital artist based in Mexico City who brings to life captivating, psychedelic pieces. Gammatrace is an Italian digital artist driven by an innate passion for humanity and technology. His works combine introspection and posthumanism, portraying how technology’s ever-evolving, intrinsic relationship with mankind is shaping our reality. Ex Mortal is a glitch and sound artist from Central FL. who uses hardware glitch devices, video synthesizers, and a combination of modern and vintage tools to create visuals and sound, often exploring the double-edged theme of nostalgia.

Monsuta is a digital artist whose name stands for the pseudonym of an anonymous Italian fine-art director. Poetics of scarcity marks his work: obsolete hardware, abandoned software and self-developed tools explore the theme of video synthesis to achieve aesthetics of color & movement Daria Rastunina is a contemporary multidisciplinary digital artist who creates ethereal artworks bound to transport viewers into dream-like realms. Jay Visuual is a 3D graphic designer whose passion for art, technology, and music led him to the NFT scene, where he continues to learn and develop his artistic practice to this day, fueled by the community’s active support and inspiration.

Kaoru Tanaka is a designer and digital artist from Japan who uses TouchDesigner to create installations, videos, wall art, and real-time interactive works, resulting from a combination of pure experimentation and repetition. Danctrl is an Italian digital artist with a traditional background as a painter whose works are based on extensive research, both graphically and stylistically, while always focusing on one key element: simplicity. Ygor Alves is a Brazilian painter and digital artist whose works depict the universe in unique ways, allowing the viewer to connect beyond all physical dimensions and become a part of his inner world.

Somfay is a Canadian music producer, DJ and visual artist creating expressive psychedelic amalgams of past, present and future through the lens of lucid dreams and synesthesia. Michael Hughes is a digital artist who animates abstract and experimental visual pieces in monochrome and color, while experimenting with glitch textures in the process. Ni Petrov is a Russian artist whose works are influenced by crowds portrayed within watercolor paintings, stop motion animations, and Google Street View-based collages.

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